The Cat in the……Supermarket

The Cat in the……Supermarket

I love my local supermarket.  Actually we have several local supermarkets in our neighbourhood.  They seemed to have multiplied in the last couple of years and now we have at least 6 small-ish supermarkets plus one huge shopping centre (mall, commercial centre, whatever you want to call it) all within walking distance from home (max. 15 minutes by foot to any of them).

All our local small supermarkets are quite cheap.  However they don’t have a great range of most things, the fruit and vegies sometimes leave a lot to be desired, and sometimes the aisles are so full of boxes of stuff being unpacked you simply can’t get to everything you need.

You can’t expect everything in life to be perfect I guess.

But, one of our local supermarkets is my favourite.  For one reason, and one reason only.

This guy:

guy cat
Isn’t he beautiful?!

Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not a cat person.  I would even go so far as to say that I dislike them.

I don’t like the way they assume that you exist solely for them.  The way they insist on jumping up on to your lap when you’re a visitor in their owner’s house.  Even though they know that you don’t like them.  How they demand attention when they want it, and walk away from you, tail in the air, when they don’t.

Cats are evil

Cats are evil.  I can’t prove it, but I believe it (please, no hate letters from cat lovers.  I don’t hurt them, I just don’t like them).

evil cat
Look at the evil eyes of the cat – evil!

And I hated that phase some years ago when everybody was sending cat pictures to everybody else by email, and putting cat pictures on social networks because they’re so CUTE.  Blaghhhhh.

My real friends knew not to send me cat pictures.

So, why do I like this cat so much that I even take photos of him in the supermarket?

Because he’s the coolest cat I know.  He LIVES IN A SUPERMARKET!!

cat begging
Please open the tin for me – even if it’s dog food
looking at food
He stares at the food for hours waiting for somebody to come and feed him

cat in the supermarket

He charms old ladies into opening packets of cat food so he can eat.  Right there on the shelf!

old lady and cat
Hello old lady, I’m hungry!
cat eating
Thank you! So delicious!

He can be found in various places in the building, wherever it’s comfortable.

under the checkout
Just hanging out under the checkout
Having a cat nap in the toilet paper aisle
napping 2
Sleeping on the charcoal
Outside the fruit and nut shop
Outside the fruit and nut shop

He even knows where the butcher is, and hangs around there in case the butcher decides to be generous.  Although I don’t know if this has ever happened.

Waiting for something from the butcher

This cat doesn’t insist on being caressed.  He’s very aloof.  He doesn’t bother you by pushing himself into your legs, leaving a trail of cat fur on your best black work pants.  This cat has manners.

He’s one cool cat.

cool cat

Do you know any cool cats?  Tell me all about them in the comments below!  Send me a photo of your cool cat and I’ll put it right here.

~ Cheryl

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