The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

I love big cities.  In particular, I love old architecture and urban decay.

Whenever we travel, or even when we’re just walking around Moscow, most of my photos are of buildings, or parts of buildings, like doors and windows.

Sometimes big cities accommodate nature, in the form of big parks or tree-lined streets.  Or there can be big pots or tubs, or garden beds full of beautiful plants and flowers, especially in spring.

plants in water
Plants can grow in all kinds of weird places

But sometimes nature has a mind of its own and decides, without any help from us, where it’s going to exist.

tree in building 1
Plants grow in deserted buildings

Therefore, sometimes you can find nature in the most unexpected places.

on a wall
Plants growing on a wall
nature in asphelt
How do they grow there?

Here are just some of the many examples of nature determined to succeed in the most difficult conditions.

How did it get up there?
high 2
Up close

If only I had their strength and determination!  Imagine what I could achieve!

high 3
Can you see it?
high 4
Now you can

This little tree in Vilnius is still alive, if not a little frail, as you can see by these 2 photos taken 5 years apart!  I wonder what it will be like next time I visit.

Vilnius in 2010
This was taken in Vilnius in 2010
vilnius 2015
And these ones in 2015

Vilnius 2015 2

And here are a couple from our street.  A little weak and malnourished, but they’re trying really hard to grow up!

small tree 1
In the middle of nowhere
small tree 2
And up close
small one
I’m a little worried about this one

Next time you’re out and about, try and spot some trees or plants that are surviving despite all odds.  Send me your photos and I’ll add them to this post.

~ Cheryl

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Thank you, this is a lovely post showing the power of these determined little plants. We could learn a lot from them.
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