My Husband is a Spiderman Fan

My Husband is a Spiderman Fan

My husband is a Spiderman fan.

When I first met Olivier, I thought it was really cool that he loved Spiderman so much.  But at the time, he was married to someone else, not to me.  I didn’t have to live with it.  So, I thought it was cool and cute.

He collects Spiderman stuff.  But he’s not the kind of collector that buys the latest official Marvel Spiderman gadget/toy/book/action figure etc. and keeps it in its original box and stores it in a special place for display purposes.

Oh, no, he’s not that kind of collector.

He decorates the flat with his collection.  He uses it.  And, when I first met him and he had a restaurant, his restaurant was also decorated with Spiderman.  Not completely, but Spiderman was definitely visible.  And his house was the same.  Spiderman everywhere.

Olives house
Olivier’s house in France

So, of course, I thought he was wonderful that he had such a passion for something.  The only thing I ever collected in my life was stamps.  And stamp collecting wasn’t a passion, it was just something kids did in the 70s (remember the 70s?).

Fast forward to 2009, Olivier was no longer married to his first wife.  He was married to me, and we wanted to build a life in Moscow together.  If you’ve ever moved to another country, you’ll know that you just can’t bring everything you have with you.  We brought only 2 suitcases and a couple of carry-on bags with us.  There was no room for his Spiderman collection in Moscow.

As a result, before we came to Moscow he sold most of what he’d collected over the years.  He didn’t sell it for a fortune.  But he sold his collection to someone who had as much passion for Spiderman as he had.  He did keep a few special things which are still in storage in France, so everything was ok.

When we installed ourselves in Moscow there were almost no Spiderman objects in the flat.

But it didn’t take long for Olivier to start collecting again, and soon we had some little Spiderman souvenirs decorating the flat.  Then some more.  And then even more.

part of the collection
Olivier’s Spiderman cupboard

Every time we walked past a kiosk in the street that sold toys and other miscellaneous stuff, we stopped and looked to see if there was anything with Spiderman.  And there often was.

Kids watches, puzzles, figures, keyrings, erasers, yo-yos…

Spiderman things 1
Pinball machine (it’s not ours!) and a toy camera

And then in bigger shops, we found cups, glasses, pencil cases and plastic document folders (perfect for a teacher)…

spiderman things 2
A fan, a cup and some glasses, and a big inflatable Spiderman

And then when we travelled in Russia and abroad, we found even more stuff.  Rubber balls, masks, usb drives, more keyrings, Pez dispensers, dart boards, handkerchiefs, a shirt, socks…

spiderman things 3
A postcard and a glass, and our ‘web’ on the living room window
spiderman things 4
Some decorations on the bathroom door, a calendar, and socks

Not to mention bed sheets, curtains, cushions, gift wrapping paper, toy phones, place mats, Russian nesting dolls (Matrioshka), a clock, lamps, blankets, children’s night lights, magnets, notebooks, t-shirts…

spiderman things 5
Our couches
spiderman things 6
Me with a cushion, and a curtain covering the shelves in the bedroom (note the bed cover)

Plus the presents from well-meaning friends.

spiderman matrioshka
Russian dolls

You get the picture.

I would really love to live a bit more ‘minimalistically’, but with all these Spiderman things in the flat it’s a little difficult to achieve that.

Anyway, did I mention the Spiderman bedsheets?  Well, as you can probably guess, most Spiderman bedsheets are made for single beds, for children.

We don’t sleep in a single bed.  But, we have a single continental quilt/doona/whatever you call it, with a Spiderman cover and matching pillowcases.  And we have a choice of designs so it doesn’t get boring.

Some of our Spiderman bed covers

I don’t really mind all the Spiderman stuff in the flat, it’s quite quirky and fun.  It’s like living in a museum.  A Spiderman museum.

Did I tell you that I’m arachnophobic?  It’s true.  I’m extremely arachnophobic.  I will cry if a spider decides to walk on me.  I will panic and run away if I see one in the flat or anywhere near me.  If it’s really small I’ll manage to get a tissue or something and kill it.  If it’s big (I know, it’s all relative), I’ll run away and ask for help like a damsel in distress.

Don’t judge me for killing spiders.  I just can’t live with them so one of us has to go.  It’s either them or me.

One of the best things about leaving Australia was saying goodbye to the spiders that live there.  Have you seen the spiders in Australia?  There are small ones, big ones, huge ones, black ones, grey ones, black and red ones, and ones that will kill you.

Spiders are my nightmare.

So, living in Moscow where there are not many spiders at all is quite a nice life for an arachnophobe.  Unless said arachnophobe lives in a Spiderman museum/our flat.

pinterest spiderman
Pin me!

There are some Spiderman objects that I just can’t have around me, because of the black spider design.  Olivier is very understanding about this and kindly keeps these things hidden away.  I can live with Spiderman but not with spiders, if that makes sense.

And have you noticed how Spiderman is EVERYWHERE?!  Take a look next time you go somewhere.  Just look around you and you’ll see him.  At least, he seems to be everywhere for us.  We try to stop and say ‘hi’ when we see him, it makes his day.

spiderman things 7
He’s everywhere!
spiderman things 8
And still more Spiderman!

We also get stuff in the supermarket – there is food and drinks with Spiderman, too.

spiderman things 8
Chocolate eggs, biscuit making kit, and an icy-pole

Ketchup, juice, water, snacks, sweets…

spiderman things 9
Dried fruit snacks, ketchup, and water bottles

And we mustn’t forget the necessities like toilet paper and tissues.

tissues and toilet paper
Sanitary items – keeping us clean – toilet paper, tissues (10 packs), and wet wipes

Olivier also has Spiderman tattoos.  He has tattoos of Spiderman, of Spiderman skin, and of a Russian cartoon character wearing a Spiderman costume.  I don’t know if he has any plans for any more Spiderman tattoos, but he still has some room left on his arms so he might get another one some day.

Some of Olivier’s tattoos

Our flat is full of Spiderman, and sometimes I think that it’s not possible to find something with Spiderman that he doesn’t already have.  But, somehow we find more, and bring it home and put it in the museum.

When we travel, we take Spiderman with us too.  Well, if you have to have a bag, why shouldn’t it be a Spiderman bag?

A carry-on bag at the aiport, and one on wheels – very practical

Then, sometimes, we find things that are clearly not right.  Like this Spiderman Superman lighter, and these Spidey Pidey gloves.  Which, by the way, are for kids.  Like the socks.  And everything else.

Spiderman fails
A lighter and gloves – both fails

And, before I go, one more Spiderman for you.  This has got to be one of the ugliest Spiderman figures I’ve ever seen.  It’s even uglier in real life.  It’s made of plastic or silicone or something.  Very unattractive.  But, it’s in the collection – we bought it in Hue, Vietnam.

ugly Spiderman from Hue
Can you find an uglier Spiderman than this one?

What do you think of collecting things?  Do you collect anything?  Is it a waste of time?  A waste of money?  Would you be comfortable living in a Spiderman museum?  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or send me an email with photos of your collections and I’ll share them here.

~ Cheryl

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Leanne |

Ohhhhh goodness me – minimalist me (who grew up in a family of collectors) is shuddering a little at all that stuff. Good on you for being so supportive – I’d be quietly tossing it in the bin when he wasn’t looking 🙂 I’m so glad that my husband and I have very little in the way of collectables, but I do admire your husband’s commitment to his hero! PS: I wrote a couple of posts on my collecting family – you could put “hoarders” in my search bar if you want to read them. Thanks for linking up with… Read more »


Oh my goodness. That’s a lot of Spiderman. I think I’d have to lay claim to part of the apartment and say no Spidey in here, especially with a fear of spiders (and I’ve heard of those Australian spiders…no thank you!) How many times did he go to see Into the Spider-Verse?


This is so sweet, I love it when people follow their passions without thinking what the world would say. I shamelessly collect books, mugs and magnets from wherever I travel. And I don’t think its a waste of time or money at all. These things are great to remember who you are and what you love doing and definitely to lift up your spirits when you feel down. Thanks for such a unique post, I enjoyed reading it. Have a great day 🙂

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Hi Cheryl, your husband certainly is passionate about Spiderman isn’t he? I’m not sure I could take all of that around the house, so you are very supportive which I suppose we should be with our partners. I have just gone through the process of decluttering my 92 year old Mother-In-Law’s home in preparation for sale. I swear she has kept every piece of wrapping paper, 1,000s of plastic bags as well as personal items from her life. There are so many unopened items such as crystal bowls and vases that she has never used it was like a department… Read more »


At least he uses and enjoys them! My partner collects baseball cards, and keeps them in boxes (a LOT of boxes) in the garage. I ask why he doesn’t want to display them, and he claims he’s going to sell them someday. I’m pretty sure he’s just hoarding, like a dragon.

Side note: I’ve always thought it odd that Spiderman and Batman are so popular even though most people hate spiders and bats. I admire your courage in living with so many depictions of something you fear!


He is one lucky guy. That you accept his passion and don’t try to change him. As many would talk him out of his quirky passion. There is a lot of judgement going on, in our world. So, I love the fact that he dares to walk around with his spiderman carry bag. Sometimes hobbies can get out of control, but hey, it’s better collecting spidermans than having any kind of destructive hobby. Prepare yourself, because new spiderman movies are coming out haha. I am wondering, through all this stuff, would you notice it if he adds something new to… Read more »


Very interesting! I thought my husband was Spider-Man obsessed, but now that i’ve met your husband’s passion I realized I was wrong! Lol! @EsmeSalon


That’s quite a collection, Cheryl. I buy a pin from places I visit. They are small. I’m trying to gradually reduce my possessions so maybe I’ll stop buying pins one day 🙂 #seniorsalon

Marian Wood

Wow! You are such a good patient wife! That is incredible.. he is a major major fanatic.. my 7 year old has a spiderman duvet, cushion, clock and dolls… though between me and my 5 year old we have about 44 care bears… oops..

Please share!