Look Behind You #3

Look Behind You #3

Last time we looked behind us in Vietnam.

Today we’re going to look behind us – in Russia!  As you already know, Russia is a very interesting and diverse country.  And our ‘look behind you’ photos today are not going to contradict that.


First of all, Russia can get cold in winter.  Really, really cold.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Siberia, where it can get down to -45 degrees C or more (the January average is -25 degrees C).  But Moscow can still get down to some very low temperatures in the winter months.

Which means that you have to dress accordingly.  A wander around town reveals some very elegant winter wear.

It’s quite typical to see women wearing fur coats here.  Young or old, fur coats are always in fashion once the cold weather arrives.  And, as winter isn’t very long in Moscow (although some people would argue that it’s too long), you have to take advantage of the cold weather and wear your fur coat everywhere while you can.

Even to the park.

fur coats
Just going to the park for a walk

For my Russian friends reading this, as you can probably guess, we don’t have fur coats in Australia.  And, for Australians, a fur coat is something that you would wear to the theatre or to a 5-star restaurant, not something to put on to go for a walk.

cold street
Walking on the street because the footpaths have too much snow
It’s surprising to Australians that people go out in such cold weather

And then, suddenly it’s spring.  It’s still quite cold but the fur coats have been carefully stored away and out comes something a bit lighter.  It usually rains a lot in Moscow in spring.

Spring has arrived – no more snow

At other times of the year, when the weather is more reasonable, or even hot, anything goes as far as clothing is concerned!  Let’s look at some of the possibilities.


First, we have some friends walking to the park.  It’s quite a warm day, and they’re probably going to meet some friends for a ‘shashlik’ party.

 to the park
Going to the park on a warm day

This young couple is already in the park, celebrating something with a bottle of champagne.  Or is it ‘Sovetskoye Shampanskoye’?

young couple
Happily drinking in the park

And these women, in the same park as the couple above, seem to be wearing matching pants.  What a good idea.

same pants
Did they dress the same on purpose?

One last park photo – a fisherman.  I’m not sure the fish are so abundant here, or that the water is clean enough to consider eating any fish that is caught, but there are always fishermen here in the parks.  It’s nice to see them.  A reminder for us to take some time out for some quiet moments sometimes.

Spending time alone with your thoughts – and not looking behind you

Now, we’re out of the park and back in the street.  Can you see the cat?

cat looking behind
I think he’s going to visit the vet

And this woman is surely going to the airport – an Aeroflot flight attendant.  A very smart uniform.

Perfectly dressed at 7.30am

I don’t know what this little boy and his dad have in their suitcases, but it looks like it could be something very important.  I love that the boy looks so confident and grown up with the task he’s been given.

boy and his dad
Where are they going with their cases?

It’s nice to see such a colourfully dressed woman in the street.  Her complete outfit makes a bold statement.  I don’t know what that statement is, but I was happy to photograph her when I saw her in Tverskaya street one day!  Those shoes!

colourful woman
She stands out in a crowd

Look behind you!

And finally, there are no words for this one.  Or maybe just a few.  This photo was taken near Moscow State University a few years ago.  They were obviously celebrating something – maybe a Hen’s party (any Russian readers have any ideas?).

Dressed for a party

So, that’s Moscow for you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to look behind you because you never know who’s there.

And let me know if you recognise any of your friends (or yourself!) in any of the photos in this post!

~ Cheryl

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I loved the idea and your writing. Yours is a lovely website. 🙂


I absolutely love your blog!

Angela Noel

Well, this is my first visit here and I must say I enjoy this “world from behind” perspective! How fun to think about what might be the stories of those who are so close and yet tantalizingly out of reach. They become something other than strangers but not yet friends. Characters in a play perhaps? Loved, but one-dimensional? Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Janet Givens

Great post. Love the idea. Also love shashlik. Any chance you might have a marinade recipe? I can’t find a good one here in the States.


Great concept. I also loved seeing the fur coats come out onto the streets. I used to have a fake fur as a child. I loved wearing it – though I’m from Qld Australia so not too many chances to wear it! Thx for sharing your experience with us

Please share!