Look Behind You #2

Look Behind You #2

Have you looked behind you recently?  See anyone with a camera pointed at your back?

If you’ve already read this page here, you will know that I have a habit of taking people’s photos from behind.  It’s because I don’t have the courage to take photos of strangers when they can see me.

I’m a coward.

I’ve spent hours in the past month trawling through my photos from the last 11 years to find those I’ve taken of the backs of people.  Because I want to share them with you.  I’m still in the process of finding them all, but today we’re going to look at some more recent ones.


We spent some time this year in Vietnam, and what better place to find some beautiful exotic people.  And take photos of them.  From behind.

Let’s start with some typical, traditional Vietnamese people.

In Hanoi, you will see women everywhere selling things in the street.  They sell all sorts of things, from fruit and vegetables, cakes, small things for children or things for the house and much more.

And often they are carrying their products in one of these carrier ‘things’ with a pole.  A long pole resting on their shoulder with two baskets hanging down holding their wares.

If you want, you can pay them to have your photo taken holding their ‘thing’.  I don’t know what this ‘thing’ is called.  If you know, drop me a line.  I’m curious to know if they have a name.

blue shirt from behind

white shirt from behind

Some of their ‘things’ seem quite heavy and it’s a little sad to see them struggling with it in the heat.

This woman in Hue was sitting on the bridge in a place that wasn’t made for sitting.  I don’t know what she was doing there but she looked very interesting from behind so I snapped her as we were walking past.

woman on the bridge

Now, let’s take a look at some people in the street going for a walk.  A lot of Vietnamese people still wear traditional Vietnamese clothes as their ‘everyday’ wear.  Mostly older women actually.  And, yes, they do look like pyjamas.

I think when I’m an old woman I’m going to adopt this Vietnamese style of dressing.  It looks so comfortable!  And it comes in all colours and patterns!

Purple from behind

Old woman

in the park behind you

And it’s not only the women who wear these ‘pyjamas’.  Men are comfortable going for a walk in them too.

man from behind

But we usually don’t see young people in this style of clothing.  Nevertheless, they are still worthy of being photographed from behind.

The younger generation

Like this young woman – who seems to have unfortunately left a label on the bottom of one of her shoes.  But isn’t she beautiful?  It looks like she’s going somewhere with her family, who I also captured from behind.

chic girl

And, of course, even on the beach you should look behind you.  You never know who might be watching while you’re taking selfies with your BFF.

on the beach look behind you

Have you even wondered what you look like from behind?   Is your back photogenic?  Maybe you could ask a friend to take some photos of you from behind and check it out.

If you look really interesting from behind you might find yourself in one of my posts!

~ Cheryl

If you haven’t seen part one of Look Behind You, you can find it here.

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Johanna Castro

Wonderful angle! And I love your photos of people from behind. I haven’t yet been to Vietnam, but I’d love to and your post has tempted me further. I often wonder what I look like from behind, and the other day my husband took a photo and I looked all sort of hunched forward! It reminded me to pay more attention to my posture! #MLSTL

Please share!