10 Funny Signs

10 Funny Signs

When you travel a lot, or even a little, or when you live in a country that is not Anglophone, you often come across funny signs, menu entries or other information that’s been badly translated into English.  These can be just plain funny for English speaking people.

I thought there were a lot of English speakers all over the world, surely somebody’s available to check these things before they go to production…

Someone could make a lot of money as a proof-reader in Vietnam, for example.

Anyone for some noulde soup?

Or, if you’re a bit more health conscious, maybe this is more to your liking:

 moothies Vietnam
What’s your favourite moothie flavour?

Or maybe you’d prefer something more suitable for the hot weather, like this:

culumber salad
Can’t pass up a culumber salad

In one place we stayed in Hoi An, Vietnam, we asked what the wi-fi code was.  The host kindly pointed to the sign on the wall.

Of course, it’s the enternet password

While shopping for underwear in Hue, Vietnam, I couldn’t go past these genuine Victoria’s Secret panties (who else HATES that word?!).

victorias secret Vietnam
Wait a minute, you mean, it’s not really Victoria’s Secret?

And while we’re talking nether regions, nothing like this to get you excited.  This time it’s in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

clean toilet Kanchanaburi Thailand
Because the other toilets aren’t?

pinterest 10 signs

Now, we’re in Moscow, Russian Federation, and if you’re on the street and feeling a bit peckish, just get yourself some of this.

Nothing like a cheeken when you’re hungry

Also in the Russian Federation, but this time in Nizhny Novgorod, if you’re feeling a bit tired, you can book into this hotel, but only if you want a long rest.

long rest
And if I want a short rest?

And in Tula, also in the Russian Federation, you can get some new-agey kind of advice from the wall of a bar.

dont scare
I’m not scare, honestly!

And finally, because toilet humour is the funniest kind of humour for me (although I’m trying to eliminate this defect in my character).

Toilet paper – would you buy this brand? They also make kitchen paper, but I don’t think that’s as funny

Email me your funny signs and I’ll put them in this post cheryl@borninacar.com

~ Cheryl

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