Featured Photo #7 – Horse Head

Featured Photo #7 – Horse Head

Sometimes when the weather’s nice, we take a walk around the neighbourhood.  There’s a huge park just down the road which is nice to walk in.  Or we just walk up to the shops, or around the neighbourhood to see what’s happening, and to see what’s changing (because in Moscow everything is changing rapidly – more about that phenomenon soon).

At the end of our street, there used to be a big green fence.  The green fence belonged to the railways. It’s not there anymore because it’s been replaced with a new fence painted with the corporate colours of the railway company. It blocks off all access to the train tracks.

But one day while out walking, we weren’t interested in what was behind the green fence.

We were interested in what was ON the fence.  This horse head mask.

Horse head on the fence

Questions came to mind –

  • Who put it there?
  • Why?
  • What did they use it for before they put it on the fence?
  • Where did they get it from?
horse head close up

I know we’ll never know the answers to these questions. 

But it did stir something in my memory – I’d seen this horse before.  That’s right, I know where he’d come from.

horse head in amsterdam

We saw him in Amsterdam in 2013.  He was in a public square, busking.  So, we know he’s a musician.  But 4 years later, in Moscow, he wasn’t busking.  He was just sitting on the fence. 

Where was he in the intervening 4 years?  And how did he get here from Holland?

I don’t know exactly how long he was on the fence for, but not long after he appeared, he disappeared.

More questions-

  • Where is he now?
  • How did he get down from the fence?
  • Is he still in Russia?

If you’ve seen this horse head somewhere, let us know in the comments below where and when, and we can try and track his movements.  Send a photo of the horse head to cheryl@borninacar.com and I’ll add it to this post.

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